Li Na has won the French open Lawn Tennis tournament. This is the first time any Asian has achieved this feat. This will give a tremendous boost to tennis in China and I am sure we will get to see many more Chinese on the international tennis scene soon. Chinese take work sincerely and dedicatedly. They are industrious, diligent and focused. After living here for three years I have been able to see them, observe and know them very closely. We talk a lot of matching their pace and performance but if talks could achieve that then we would have done that by now. Indians interest in cricket has killed all other games in India. The interest is not in the game but the money it can generate and all the hype is whipped up for reigning in more money and it literally rains. There’s a lot of speculation involved with this game. You can bet on each ball. Now with IPL T-20 it is totally commercialized. Big industrialists and the film personalities are investing heavily in it. The price tag for a player can make even the strong hearted faint.



Li Na is from Wuhan. That reminds me that I started a blog on my trip to Wuhan. In a way it is the continuation of the blog “ Another Trip To Wuhan.” Let’s take you straight there and show you some beautiful pictures.


I had posted a blog on my visit to Wuhan last year and had said that I will post more on it again. I didn't think that I will do it after a long gap of a year. I have too much to post about China but there's a lot more else too that I want to post and that keeps getting precedence over the pictorial blogs of China. The problem with picture blogs is the difficulty of posting the pictures. I posted some thirty pictures on this blog today and in the evening in place of pressing "Save Draft" I pressed "Publish." I had to delete the blog as I couldn't have let the incomplete blog be there.


I arranged the inspections in such a way that I would get sometime in the evening on the first day and about half of the next day for seeing the town and it’s tourists spots. My wife was with me. After finishing the inspections we went around the town. Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province and is the most populous city of Central China. It lies at the intersection of the Yangtze and the Han rivers. It’s a major transport hub with dozens of Railways and Expressways passing through the city. It is recognized as the political, financial, cultural, educational and transportation centre of Central China.



After getting down from the train we drove through the City to the Hotel where we were put up.


After leaving my Baggage and my wife at the Hotel, I went to the workshop for my inspections





The town was noisy and the traffic slow. A massive construction work was undergoing in the town and it was dug up all around for laying a Subway train network. This gargantuan scale of construction work is a very common site in China these days. In the evening we went to the flea market and the food street. The food street especially was very narrow and congested. Some of the traditional Chinese foods have strong odour, somewhat overcoming to the uninitiated.


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