Navneet: 回忆在中国生活的日子


Charumati Ji- I wanted a frank evaluation. You read the whole book and then let me know. I have/had no idea of how to go about publishing books. I made two attempts previously, but on both occasions, I ended up getting fooled. The publishers never made any efforts to sell or push the books through the distributors network. But all along the copyright has been with me and in any case this is a revised version.I have so far not decided upon any publisher. Money is really not a problem and approaching some publishing house for editing also is not a problem since now the whole setup has become quite modern, but the element of sincerity is still doubtful, it's still lacking. Since you have more experience in this field, I will go by your advice. Aap ise pahale padh lein. Then, tell me, what to do to reach the right readers.







I have pulled it out from under the pile. Now it is lying separately, on the side table of my bed :). I am in India and at present I don't see any immediate chance of going to China, though I would love to. There is no impetus in my old bones. My sons are away. One is already abroad, the other one is migrating to Canada shortly where the elder too plans to shift. Getting them married before they migrate is all that is on my mind. Jayenge- but let's see when I can. I noticed that you were posting the book as blogs. It's a sad scene for the writers. Reading books is losing its charm. Smart phone invasion has destroyed the age old culture and traditions. As such, reading wasn't very popular, but now for most of the people, bits and pieces of material received in whatsapp messages is enough to satisfy their reading urge. Kya karein? But writing is an addiction- so why to blame, lack of readership! Likhate jao- koyee padhe na padhe




Life has been extremely busy because of there being no organized schedule like it was when I was in China. Will start reading again and surely revert with my comments. You have made a remarkable effort because there are 1. unfamiliar Shipping terms 2. The not so refined language used by sailors in the book. It's not so easy to translate such text and still keep the flow true to original narrative. How has the book done? Because it is dated and deals with stories of India's struggle for freedom, I don't if you have been able to get a good response that you deserve or not. Meanwhile, I have rewritten my first Hindi book using google online tool. It's a satire on Indian politics in verse. It's not a good piece of literature but it is humorous. I will send you a pdf file if you are interested in reading it. In fact, I want people to help me edit it and give their suggestions and advice.



Charumati Ramdas

By the way, where are you now? In India or abroad?



Charumati Ramdas

I would love to read your book, Navneetji...do send the PDF please.



Geeta Kashyap

So nice to read your articles, Navneetji. Humans and their tendencies are the same everywhere with a few exceptions. 'Survival of the fittest' holds good, & morality is outdated by and large.




Yes I agree Geeta- Caste and colour of the skin doesn't matter much. Essentially, the human nature is same. The values acquired from the culture we grow up in do play a great roll in shaping or personality but when one is whittled down to very basic self, we find there is no difference in us, we are all same.




Ha ha halaughinglaughing Poor fellow..But I do like to see that he was given nthe bum's rush !!!smilesmilesmile




Usha Ji- He thought, he could out smart the Chinese police, but they knew how to shut him up.



Suchisree/ Sree Kumar

Dear Navneeth

As I had written earlier you are our eyes and ears to China.

Now we know a little more of it and tempting it is. Certain a job hunting spree after reading your blog.

A job with tickling perks, if rod kept away.









Thanks Sree- There was a lot to see and learn. There's a lot to write. Every job has its advantages and disadvantages


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